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Contextual Targeting

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Google Ads Management: 

  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Re-targeted Ads
  • Call-Only Ads

Geo-Targeting:  Serve ads to users by geographic location using the user’s IP address or Wi-Fi network within a state, city or zip code. We only display ads in the county, city, or zip code(s) that you select.

Geo-Fencing: Target smartphone users that commute through any Geo-fenced location for up to 30 days! Customize audiences by mapping Geo-fence shapes with pinpoint precision. Ads appear on mobile devices in apps and within the mobile browser. Our geo-fence campaign will be able to target locations within your selected geographic area which contains businesses and services which complements residential construction companies. We can specifically target competitor offices as well as locations future homeowners visit when considering having a home built or remodeled.

Site Re-targeting: Target users that have visited your site and continue to serve ads to them while they are visiting other sites across the web:

·         97% of site visitors will not take action the first time they visit your site

·         8% may return without re-targeting

·         26% return with re-targeting

Site re-targeting adds value to other strategies that drive traffic to your website

Search Re-targeting:  Using search re-targeting, we are able to target prospects with your display ads based on the searches they perform across the web outside of Google, even if they did not visit your website.

Contextual Targeting: Target users with relevant ads based on the categories of websites viewed and keywords in the content that they consume.  This tactic serves your ads to users that have visited websites or viewed content that are contextually relevant to your service.

OTT/CTV: Combine the impact of TV with the precision of digital using non-stoppable, immersive content to reach a unique group of video consumers that advertisers can’t target with traditional TV commercials.